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The company was founded back in 2003 at the very heart of the last IT crash. It was founded by Dieter Wijckmans who believed there’s was a growth margin for another IT company out there. It was founded as a one-man business. After 3 years it was transformed in a more definitive shape and was steadily growing.

Based in Belgium in Rumst between Antwerp and Brussels. This gives us the opportunity to quickly serve our customers in the Antwerp – Brussels – Ghent area.

We have offered services to large multinational firms in the chemical, financial and industry sector.

The last 2 years the main focus is towards services for big companies to streamline their IT processes using the ITIL framework and using tools to measure these processes. These tools used to measure are mainly part of the Microsoft System Center Suite.

Apart from the technical side we also deliver equipment to various customers at very competitive prices.

If you have any questions concerning our services please do not hesitate to contact us.​